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Packing:  1 set vela.yue 10pcs/5pcs makeup brush set with Case

Technique series 10 Brushes Collection, Made of high quality materials– cruelty-free synthetic fiber hair, extra-strong aluminum ferrule, eco-friendly bamboo handle.

Well Made, No Shedding, No Smell, Handle fixed firmly.

① Flawless Face Brush:

Total Length: 16.5cm. Bristle width 4.5cm, Length 3.3cm;
Multipurpose Face Brush, Using the flat top, buff into skin and use the angled side to blend into contours of your face. Densely packed and precision cut, angled flat top brush will deliver streak free and natural-looking coverage in an instant. Especially created for blending color onto the skin, this angled brush head hugs the planes and curves of your face for even application every time.
②Powder Foundation Brush:
Total  Length: 17.0cm.  Bristle width 4.0cm, Length 3.9cm;
This rounded, full brush is essential for any loose or pressed powder foundation. Engineered to provide fuller coverage and a more polished look than the Powder Brush.
③Pointed Foundation Brush:
Total  Length: 16.8cm.  Bristle width 2.0cm, Length 3.2cm;
This brush is with soft tapered tip,can be used in specific targeted areas to apply and blend any concealer,foundation or tinted or moisturizer.
④Cheek Finish Brush:
Total  Length: 17.0cm.  Bristle width 2.8cm, Length 3.7cm;
This ideal cheek brush is for silky smooth application of blush, bronzer and highlighter.
With short and dense fibres for the perfect blending and contouring of blush. 
⑤Concealer Brush:
Total  Length: 15.6cm.  Bristle width 0.8cm, Length 1.2cm;
A flexible,synthetic-fibre brush with a slight pointed tip for the precise application and blending of all concealer formulas and other emollient products.
⑥Shadow Brush:
Total  Length: 16.2cm.  Bristle width 1.9cm, Length 1.5cm;
For the application of eye shadow to the lid rea. This brush has a thick bundle of fibres arranged in a rounded shape.
⑦Crease Brush:
Total  Length: 16.0cm.  Bristle width 1.0 cm, Length 1.5cm;
This brush has a thick bundle of fibres arranged in a round shape.Applies powders,liquid and cream eye shadow with a light sheer touch.
⑧Angled Eyebrow Brush:
Total  Length: 15.2cm.  Bristle width 0.6cm, Length 0.8cm;
Flat-shapped with angled tip,Works with all formulas of eye colour.For lining or shaping the eye or eyebrow and firmly distributing colour.Use to apply powder,liquid or cream proucts.
⑨Eyeliner Brush:
Total  Length: 15.2m.  Bristle width 0.6cm, Length 0.7cm;
Short and stiff synthetic bristles for maximum control and precision.A thin brush that tapers into a fine point, allowing for flexibility on applying thicker or thin precise lines. Perfect with any formula.
⑩Lip Brush:
Total  Length: 15.4cm.  Bristle width 0.5cm, Length 0.9cm;
This brush has small,flat,firm fibres and a tapered tip.Defines the contours of the lip and fills them in quickly and easily.Applies any formula of lip colour.
5pcs Set Including:  Powder foundation brush, Cheek Finish Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Shadow brush, Crease brush.nEO_IMG_IMG_6780

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How To Care Brushes How to Care

1. Each time you use the brush tap off any excess powder on the bristles into a slightly curled palm of your hand. Small brushes like lip brush and eye shadow brush,Gently sweep the bristles on a soft tissue to wipe off any excess product.
Ps. If you do this each time you use the brush it will not need to be washed frequently.
2. Cleaning in lukewarm water.When the bristles start to smell or contain beads of makeup, wash them in lukewarm water.
3. Making foam with a fragrance-free soap, and wash the bristles up to the ferrule (metal part).
4. Gently squeezing the bristles from the ferrule edge outwards with your fingers will help remove makeup from the brush, then rinse the bristles thoroughly.

Ps*Do not wash the brush with a cleanser containing any alcoholic solvent, except on occasions where you need to dry it quickly.
      *Using fabric softener or hair conditioner could impair the bristles ability to hold powder.

5. To prevent damage to the brush hair, comb the hair little by little from the tip of the brush.Combing in the direction of the root to the tip of the brush, gradually work your way back to the ferrule edge. Turn it over and comb likewise.
6. Gently squeeze the brush head with a towel and shake off excess water. Use your fingers to gently shape it into its correct shape.Ensure the brush is not dried in the sun or with a dryer as it will damage the brush hairs. Allow the brush to dry naturally, away from heat.
7. If you use the brushes on a daily basis, place them in a glass, handle down. If not, keep them in the plastic sleeve given at the time of purchase and lay flat. Always store brushes in a clean and dry environment

Additional information

Weight0.19 kg
Dimensions22 × 6 × 6 cm
Item Type

Makeup Brush

Handle Material






Model Number


Brush Material

Synthetic Hair,Wool Fiber

Brand Name


Used With

Sets & Kits


Synthetic Hair

Quality Level

Top Quality


Travel Makeup Brushes Set

Fits For

Professional Using, Home Using

Use Area

Face, Cheeks, Eyes, Lips

Apply On 1

Powder, Foundation, Blusher, Bronzer, Cream

Apply On 2

Crease, Shadow, Eyeliner, Eyebrow, Lip Gloss


Blending, Contour, Highlighting, Shading


Steak free, Full Coverage


Soft, Dense, Adsorbent

Brushes Shape

Round, Pointed, Domed, Tapered, Flat, Angled, Flame

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